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Dragon Jasper Cauldron Pendant

Dragon Jasper Cauldron Pendant

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Cauldron pendant made from a really cool natural dragon jasper stone (dragon bloodstone). 
Wrapped in antiqued copper and accented with glass, copper, amethyst, moonstone and lava rock beads.
*lava rock bead can be infused with essential oils from wearer* 

Comes with 18” black faux leather cord. (Can ask for chain or different length)

“A unique ability of Dragon Blood Jasper’s energy is that the strength within it is filled with compassion and enthusiasm. This allows for people who use these gemstones to manifest cunning adaptability and resilience.

Those who encounter these gemstones are energized with creativity and courage. Subsequently these individuals become more adaptable and mentally strong and are able to conquer whatever obstacles lie ahead.”

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