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Tree Moss Agate Stone Pendant Wrapped in Copper Tree of Life

Tree Moss Agate Stone Pendant Wrapped in Copper Tree of Life

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black faux leather cord and copper chain lengths

Tree Moss Agate stones are one of my favorites due to the fact that you can see the natural debris trapped within. It feels like your exploring another world when appearing into them. <3

I thought it only fitting that I encase one in a copper tree of life to bring out its natural essence. 

If you are in love with wonderment and nature, this pendant was made for you! 

comes with copper chain or black faux leather cord up in either 14",16" 18", or 20".

pendant size: 2"x 1"


Tree Agate meaning according to

"The overarching meaning of Tree Agate revolves around personal power and inner peace. Like the hanging branches of a massive willow tree, this stone protects you from bad vibes and produces a sense of calm that few crystals can replicate. It brings peace and helps you overcome unique challenges you might face in your day-to-day life."


What is the symbolic meaning of tree of life? -from

  • Tree of Life: symbolistic of ment, strength and beauty The Tree of Life symbol represents our personal growth, uniqueness and individual beauty. In response to our passage from tree branches to the sky, the branches of a tree are just as strong as they grow upwards to the sky. They strive for wisdom and new experiences on our way.
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